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You will have an initial evaluation of your nutrition and supplements right after we get you started on correcting your spine and nervous system. You can get away with a lot of bad nutrition with a healthy nervous system but you can’t spend enough money on, vitamins, organic grass fed beef or clean water to make up for a subluxated spine damaging how your nerves work. We do nutrition in that order for this reason. We even hold workshops at least twice per month to help people start on the right path.

Some of the workshops are Recipe Night, Shop With the Doc, Dinner with the Doc, Let Food Be Thy Medicine and seasonal or topical workshops.

We can also do specific nutritional protocols based on your lab work for longstanding health problems. Most people do well simply by getting off the Standard American Diet based on too much sugar and things that turn to sugar and not enough healthy fats.

Chiropractic Offering Advice on Nutrition for Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina and Oakdale, MN, Patients

The right nutrition and exercise will complement chiropractic care, supporting the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. Alongside our local chiropractic care, we also offer nutrition assistance, based on proven scientific principles. If you're looking for a holistic approach to your health that's customized to your particular needs, our team is here for you.

Nearby Chiropractor for Neck Pain Alongside Nutritional Education

Our doctors advocate transforming your diet through the removal of over-processed foods, sugars, and artificial additives, replacing them with natural, high-quality whole foods, including a quantity of good fats. In addition to providing chiropractic, massage therapy and a selection of other services, we know that the right diet can really make a difference in your overall health.

Chiropractic for All Ages Near Me

Chiropractic care is suitable for people of all ages. Kids come here regularly for chiropractic check-ups and they don’t end up with the same problems their parents developed. This provides enormous benefit to the youngest of patients. Compared to the pediatric population that doesn’t enjoy chiropractic care, our kids are far healthier. In other words, they don’t go to the medical clinic and get put on medication as often. On the other end of the spectrum, chiropractic care is effective for people with pre-existing medical or chronic conditions and using medications to deal with the symptoms. Everyone works better once they start chiropractic care.

Bloomington, Edina, Minneapolis and Oakdale, MN, Family Chiropractic

We aim to give every patient relief from their current symptoms by tackling the root cause of the problem. This approach leads to long-term benefits and an overall improvement in well-being. To discover more about chiropractic, or to book an appointment, please call us in Edina at 952-452-8263 or in Oakdale at 651-777-3611

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