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Movement Workshop Monday July 16, 2018

Just in case you missed it, here’s the cliff notes:
It’s about oxygenation. Any repair, energy burn, and pretty much any other process in your body runs on oxygen. Exercise causes oxygen to be moved to your cells and metabolism increases.

Don’t be thinking that you have to do this for hours. It’s really about intensity. If you go at it for short bursts at 80-90% of your ability, that causes you to breathe hard for quite some time afterward. That breathing hard is what causes oxygenation and increased metabolism. Would you rather go for a long moderate duration run of an hour and you return to normal breathing in 10 minutes? Or just do 8-12 minutes of intense that takes you 30-45 minutes to return to normal? The latter is more effective.

So, we don’t have time. I know. But whatever you do during your day, do it intensely. Gotta cross a street? Run. Go up stairs? Two or 3 at a time. Plyometrics if you really want intense. That means hopping 2 or 3 at a time.

What happens if you don’t? You already know. It’s all the drugs your friends are on. Metformin, Lipitor, atenelol and more. Oh, and you die early. There’s that.

Meanwhile, even your brain restores itself with exercise. Staves off senile dementia. Oxygen again.

And if I see one more blue pill commercial for guys who have let themselves go so badly they need a drug to have sex…. I’m going to puke. I can’t imagine. (As an aside, you should know certain medications cause ED… notably, statins to lower cholesterol. But, there again, exercise.) The blood vessels’ ability to dilate and constrict is a function of how elastic.. or rather conversely, how much damage has been done to them so they don’t anymore. The vessels are referred to as the Canary in the Coal Mine. If you’ve got problems “down there” you’ve got problems in your heart’s blood vessels and your brain’s blood vessels as well. That’s your cue to change your lifestyle before your lifestyle is changed for you.

Ladies, the same is true for you. Loss of interest in sex or difficulty in enjoyment can be caused by the very same mechanism.

So, short bursts of high intensity exercise helps the most. If you can’t do this, any exercise will be helpful. Blue Zone’s author Dan Buettner points out that societies with the most centenarians have exercise built in to their day. They don’t belong to Anytime Fitness or LA Fitness. They have to walk down the mountain to get water. They have to tend their gardens if they want to eat. Daily walking alone can increase your life 2 years. And they’re already eating organic.

Imagine if we start working on all these fronts. Eat organic, get some activity every day, keep your nerves working properly, avoid the toxins and remain positive about life. It can’t help but extend your life.